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1. Rules of reservation

Current offer concerning apartments may be found on the website www.ustka-apartamenty.pl
A guest can reserve the room in two ways – through the reservation application on the website or via phone – directly contacting the tenant.
Having reserved the room, the guest will receive the confirmation of reservation on the given e-mail.
In order to confirm the reservation, you have to pay in advance which is 30% of the whole price.
The tenant offers following methods of payment:
transfer in the Internet system of payments Sofort
transfer in the Internet system of payments DotPlay (payment through most Polish banks or credit card).
traditional transfer directly to the account of the tenant.
If you make the quick transfer, the guest will receive the confirmation of payment and reservation after accepting the order by the Internet system of payments.
If you transfer money directly to the account of the tenant, the confirmation will be sent after booking the money on the tenant’s account.
The tenant is not responsible for any disturbance steming from mistakes of the Internet system.
Guest announces that he agrees that the tenant will keep the receipt until the day of arranged arrival.
Not paying in advance in the time od 3 working days will result in automatic reservation cancellation. The guest will be informed about it on the given e-mail.
Paying after set time may cause cancellation of reservation. If the reservation was cancelled but the Guest paid after the deadline, he will be informed about it and the payment in advance will be returned to the guest within 7 days to the account of the guest.
Remaining 70% will be paid maxium on the day of arrival in cash, by credit card or a bank transfer. Any changes in reservation are possible according to local regulations.

2. Price Components

The money mentioned above is gross and includes:

stay of two people for one night,
cost of used media
In case of reservation of post room or different services presented of our website, the guest needs to tick chosen option. It will be added to the price then.

3. Arrival and departure of guests

The tenant is obliged to ensure the conditions of full and undisturbed stay of the guest in an apartment. There is curfew between 10pm and 6am in apartments which means that guests should be calm and not disturb any other guests’ stay. If they do, the tenant reserves the right to terminate the agreement immediately, and does not need to return money for the rest of potential stay. The guest is obliged to keep the room clean and tidy and not to harm the stay of their neighbours. The guest is obliged to inform the staff about any damage made by themselves. The equivalence of this damage and the cost of removing it is covered by the guest. The check-in must occur before 2pm in the first day, however check-out in the last day must occur until 11am.
After discussing it with the tenant, there may be the possibility of earlier check-in.
Receiving keys by the guest happens after making all the payments.

4. Rules of stay

Every apartment has the maximum number of people possible in the room. There is also ban on smoking in the rooms. Every guest has to follow these rules, respect belongings of the Owners and respect general social living rules. The guest is also obliged to secure the room which means exact door and windows locking while leaving the room and not sharing the keys with other people. If the guest damages or destroys any equipment of the room, the tenant can charge the guest. Furthermore, earlier and unadjusted departure without giving the room may result in claims of the tenant. The guest may report to the tenant every matter including any damage or accidents personally, via phone and through e-mail.

5. Policy concerning children

Children stay for free if they sleep in the bed of their parents. Children over 3 are considered adults.

6. Confidentiality of personal data

Personal data of the guest will be secured and used only for the purpose of services. The guest may agree to store data for marketing purposes.